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Treatment Anxiety

No more fear of the dentist!

Dentist Treatment Anxiety

Many people are afraid of going to the dentist or are very tense and tense during the treatment.

This creates a vicious circle with serious repercussions: Because minor treatments are not carried out in time, problems, pain and anxiety increase – just like the health risk. Your health is particularly important to us and we absolutely want to prevent your well-being from suffering.

Therefore, as Alpi Dent, we have specialized in dealing with the fear of the dentist:

We take time for you. We listen to you and advise you as comprehensively as possible. With a lot of patience and empathy, we respond to your questions, wishes and fears.

We have three pieces of good news for you:

  1. We keep every intervention as small as possible through minimally invasive procedures that ensure gentle and painless treatment.
  2. Sedation (= calming down while fully conscious) with the help of laughing gas. It helps you to relax, against pain and also against gagging.
  3. General anesthesia by an experienced anesthetist if you don’t want to be aware of your outpatient procedure.

Thanks to modern technology, in a pleasant atmosphere and with trained staff, these tried-and-tested procedures are routinely used in our specialist dental practice SmilePlus.

We make no prejudices, no matter how long ago your last visit to the dentist was: We understand your very own situation!

Our goal is that you will enjoy going to the dentist again in the future.

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