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Single Tooth Implant

Replacing individual teeth with implants

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Dental Implants

Single Tooth Implant

A single tooth implant is an implant situation in which individual teeth are missing and are replaced by dental implants. These are fixed dentures, which means that there is a non-removable connection between the anchored tooth crown and the jaw.

When is a single tooth implant necessary?

Single-tooth implants are usually used when individual teeth have been lost – be it as a result of an accident, through caries or after an unsuccessful root canal treatment or a root injection resection. Another reason for tooth loss and the need for a single implant can be periodontitis.

General requirements for a single tooth implant

In order for a single-tooth implant to be used at all, certain requirements must be met. This includes an inflammation-free tooth socket, but also an intact bone structure. If this is not available, bone augmentation should be considered before inserting the implant.

Advantages of a dental implant

If a single tooth is missing, there are only two reasonable solutions to close the gap. A bridge or an implant. The dental implant is almost always an advantage, because the tooth gap can be closed with an implant without grinding down the neighboring teeth, i.e. without further tooth sacrifice. Only what is really missing is replaced and the natural tooth substance is protected. In addition, the implant has a bone-preserving effect and therefore protects against further loss of substance.

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