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Hollywood Smile

The dental secret of many stars and celebrities.

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Hollywood Smile


Hollywood smile with veneers

Finally talking and laughing carefree again with perfect beautiful teeth.

Veneers are wafer-thin shells made of pure ceramic or special plastics that are permanently attached to the tooth surface. They are used to make discolored, broken or crooked teeth aesthetically perfect again. The result can no longer be distinguished from naturally beautiful teeth. It is not for nothing that many stars and celebrities have had their teeth beautified with veneers. This is now too possible for you: If you want a flawless and radiant smile, veneers are the best choice

When are veneers done?

Veneers can be done when your own teeth look unfavorable or someone under the unsightly appearance
look of his teeth suffers:

Questions? You’re covered.

Veneers run thin towards the gum line out. You can think of them like a contact lens imagine with an extremely thin border. Thereby the gums are not irritated. Veneers fit very well in terms of appearance and colour good to the teeth. That’s why they don’t work “artificial”, but very natural.
Another big advantage is the color stability of veneers: They also discolour not after many years, but keep their original brightness – even when smoking.

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