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Dental Health Tourism

"Discover Your Smile Abroad: Dental Health Tourism Redefined!"

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At Alpi Dent Kaynarca, we are dedicated to providing top-notch dental services to both local and international patients. Our hospital boasts an impressive 6 floors spanning over 6000 square meters, equipped with over 40 units, 2 fully equipped operating rooms, and a cutting-edge private laboratory. Rest assured, your dental needs will be catered to with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Our commitment to offering the best extends beyond borders, as we take pride in providing exceptional health tourism services to international patients. Fluent in English, German, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, and Hebrew, our team of skilled translators ensures clear communication and understanding throughout your journey with us.

Innovation and safety are at the core of our practices. Alpi Dent Kaynarca is furnished with the latest technology and FDA-approved devices, guaranteeing the highest standards of dental care. From Dental Implants to All on four and All on 6 treatments, our comprehensive range of services caters to all your dental needs.

For those seeking that dazzling smile, our Hollywood smile service, featuring zirconium and e-max crowns, will leave you with a radiant and confident grin. If you’re in need of a root canal treatment or any other specialized dental procedure, our experienced team is here to deliver outstanding results.

As our valued patient, we want your experience to be nothing short of exceptional from start to finish. That’s why we have partnered with renowned 5-star hotels in the region, offering you the utmost comfort and luxury during your stay. Our VIP transfer service ensures a seamless journey from the airport to our hospital and your hotel.

We understand that your visit to Istanbul is not just about dental care; it’s an opportunity to explore and savor the beauty of this vibrant city. To make your trip even more enjoyable, we offer exclusive VIP Tours, where you can immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Istanbul.

At Alpi Dent Kaynarca, we prioritize your well-being and comfort above all else. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing you with a dental experience that exceeds your expectations. Welcome to a world of exceptional dental care, where your smile is our priority.

Experience the difference at Alpi Dent Kaynarca, where excellence meets compassion, and dental care knows no boundaries. We look forward to welcoming you and being part of your journey to a healthy and beautiful smile.

Choose Alpi Dent Kaynarca, where your smile shines brighter than ever before.

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