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Bleaching / Dental Whitening

Brilliant white teeth through teeth whitening

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Bleaching / Dental Whitening

White teeth are important. They radiate health and attractiveness. However, teeth become discolored due to different foods, old age or illnesses. There are different methods to remove this discoloration.

A basic distinction is made between chemical and physical processes. Special toothpastes or home remedies are based on the physical abrasion of plaque by small particles that work like scouring agents. Dental bleaching and at-home whitening gels chemically whiten the tooth surface. Here you will find out that

  • Many home remedies can harm your teeth.
  • Professional teeth whitening makes your teeth up to 8 shades brighter.
  • With whitening creams, a yo-yo effect can occur, which can discolour your teeth even more over the long term.

What is dental bleaching?

Bleaching is artificial tooth whitening. Similar to hair bleaching, teeth are usually whitened with the help of hydrogen peroxide. However, the concentrations, tools and application times are fundamentally different. The hydrogen peroxide ensures that color pigments fade. This makes the tooth appear lighter.

Requirements for teeth whitening

Teeth become darker and darker over the course of life. The reason for this is the storage of color pigments from food. Almost all foods contain color pigments. Regardless of the change in tooth color throughout life, most people have darkened teeth even at a young age. While superficial discoloration can be removed by professional teeth cleaning, tooth bleaching is used to remove discoloration in the tooth itself.

In contrast to professional tooth cleaning, there is usually no medical reason for bleaching. However, there is usually a psychological reason.

Nowadays it is known that the appearance of the teeth has a significant influence on the attractiveness of a face. The color of the teeth is particularly important. Lighter teeth convey – mostly subconsciously – the feeling of vitality and health. Bright teeth are also an expression of youth. Bleaching can usually lighten the color of the teeth significantly. This creates a friendly and fresh facial expression that is attractive to others.

What are the advantages of bleaching / dental whitening?

Bleaching comes with a surprising list of benefits. If a patient wants to achieve a brighter smile but struggles with using at-home whitening products, teeth bleaching is a solution to look in to. Given its advantages over home whitening, there are many reasons to consider it.

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