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All on Four / All on 4

Fast, cost-effective and gentle treatment with fixed dentures for a full arch.

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All on Four


The All-on-4® method is a fast, cost-effective and gentle treatment with fixed dentures for a full arch.

What exactly is the All-on-4® concept?

The All-on-4® concept is a simplified, minimally invasive and effective method for replacing an entire arch in cases of complete edentulism or imminent tooth loss. It is the immediate restoration of an entire jaw with implant-supported dentures.

With the All-on-4 method, 4 implants are anchored in the jawbone in a partially inclined position. After completion of the implantation, you will immediately receive a temporary denture in the form of a bridge.

How does the All-on-4® concept work?

With the All-on-4® method, 4 implants are placed in the jawbone – 2 in the front tooth area and 2 more in the side tooth area. The rear implants are anchored at an angle of up to 45 degrees. Due to this sloping placement, no additional bone structure is required and the existing bone substance is optimally used.

The final restoration with dentures can be either a fixed prosthesis or a bridge. For additional stability, the implants can be connected with a bar.

What makes All-on-4® different from other implant treatments?

The All-on-4® method makes it possible to provide you with new fixed teeth in just one session. In contrast to other methods, a smaller number of implants are used.

In the case of standard restorations with complete dentures using a fixed bridge, at least 6 implants are required in the lower jaw and at least 8 in the upper jaw. With the All-on-4® method, only 4 implants are anchored in the bone in each jaw.

In addition, this treatment method often eliminates the need for prior bone augmentation. The implants are anchored in the jaw at an incline in order to make optimal use of the available bone. The All-on-4® method therefore guarantees you an excellent hold and high resilience even with narrow or thin jawbones – without any augmentation.

Advantages – What are the advantages of the All-on-4 method?

The new and innovative All-on-4® method offers you a multitude of advantages. It should be particularly emphasized that prior bone augmentation is often not necessary. This concept of implantology also convinces with a greatly reduced treatment time.

Furthermore, the All-on-4® concept stands for:

Questions? You’re covered.

During the first consultation, you will be extensively informed about the measures to optimally prepare for treatment with All-on-4®. Your doctor will refer to the scope of the treatment and your personal state of health.

After the treatment, you will again receive detailed instructions on what to look out for during the healing phase. However, your doctor generally recommends resting your body for the first few days after the procedure. Furthermore, you should not eat hard meals. For the first few days, eat soups or soft foods if possible and avoid putting unnecessary strain on the implants.

The All-on-4® concept is designed for a wide range of applications. The All-on-4® method is ideal, especially when there is no tooth at all and there is little bone. But even if there is a risk of tooth loss, this method can guarantee you a quick supply of fixed dentures.

However, it is necessary for the jawbone in the front tooth area to have sufficient substance so that the implants can be inserted safely and stably.

Anxious patients in particular benefit from this treatment method, as it takes very little time. Furthermore, existing prostheses can also be stably attached using the All-on-4® method.

Immediate treatment is characteristic of the All-on-4® method. This means that you will be provided with a fixed bridge immediately after the procedure by us. In this way, restrictions on speaking and eating during the healing phase can be largely avoided.

The material from which the fixed bridge is made is a sturdy plastic. However, this material is less suitable as a long-term supply. That is why Alpi Dent relies on particularly durable materials with the highest level of compatibility for your final dentures.

Your well-being is the top priority for your dentist. He therefore pays particular attention to ensuring that the treatment is pleasant and pain-free. Since the All-on-4® method is a surgical procedure, you can choose between different types of anesthesia. You will feel little to no pain during the actual surgery.

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